Friday, May 18, 2012

Learning How to Make a Rose out of Fondant

I just love fondant cakes with flowers.  They fascinate me. I so admire Petal Sweet Cakes, Bella Cupcakes, Manilena Cakes who can create them so realistically. So I knew I had to learn how or perish....LOL. This is me discovering myself.

This is my first attempt after watching an instructional video in You Tube. So be kind hehehe. I promised myself I will  create a 2 tiered fondant cake with flowers very soon. An ambitious undertaking I know, but  I love challenges so Why Not?

To create the petals , I prepared small balls of fondant which I flattened out  like in the picture.

Tried a small rose first


  1. Remember, I think I left a fondant tool or two when we made these sa bahay nyo. Do you still have them?

    1. oh yeah actually forgot all about them. I found this instructional you tube video making a rose without any tools so I made them all by hand. I will use your tools next time mars <3