Friday, November 9, 2012


polvorón (From polvo, the Spanish word for dustCebuano: polboron; Tagalogpulburon) is a type of heavy, soft and very crumbly Spanish shortbread made of floursugarmilk, and nuts. They are produced mostly in Andalusia, where there are about 70 factories in that are part of a syndicate that produces polvorones and mantecados.[1] Under the name mantecados, these sweets are a traditional preparation of other areas of the Iberian Peninsula as well.[2]
Polvorones are popular in all Spain and ex-Spanish colonies in Latin America, as well as the Philippines, during the Christmasperiod. Traditionally they were prepared from September to January but are now available all year round. There are authors who claim a possible Levantine origin, based on a similar sweet known as ghurayba,[3] but the recipe is too simple and one of the traditional main ingredients in the polvorones is pig fat.   
                                                                                                            -- Wikipedia

Memories of my mom making this addicting "candy" ( for want of a better word) brings back  warm and loving childhood vignettes. Mom was a  creative homemaker and to this day , I still remember her special dishes and pastries . I even  inherited some of her classic recipes.  One of which is this polvoron.  Fortunately for us especially her grandchildren, she makes it a point to  come home for a vacation ( from California) every year. Dad passed away 12 years ago so its only Mom now.  She  is 72 and we thank God  for her good health and we cherish every moment spent with her.

Yesterday while in  a mall with mommy, we spotted a polvoron molder. So right then and there , I decided we would make a polvoron together.  What happened though was, I made the polvoron and  Mommy did the wrapping  in the green

Here is the recipe :
Ingredients :

4 cups of all purpose flour - apf ( sifted)
2 cups of powdered milk
1 1/2 cup sugar
1  melted 225 g salted butter ( 1 block )
Optional for flavor :
a. toasted pinipig
b. cocoa ( if you want chocolate flavor0
c. ground nuts. etc

Method :
1. Toast the flour in a heated pan till light brown in color. Do not burn.
2. Turn of the heat and mix in the powdered milk with a wire whisk.
3. Add in the sugar till incorporated
4. Pour in the butter . You can add a tablespoon more if mixture is too dry.
5. Use a molder and wrap in a cellophane wrapper.

1. Important to choose a favorite powdered milk. I use either Bear Brand or Nido
2. I use salted butter so I don't need to add salt anymore
3. You can eat the polvoron as it is or use a molder and  wrap in a cellophane. or japanese paper whichever is easiest for you.  The texture of the polvoron is a little crumbly but moldable.
4. You have to push the polvoron against the molder really tight so it comes out compact. 
5. Refrigerate after wrapping.
6 Best to eat the next day when it sets firm and hard.
7. But if your kids are like my "piggery", sometimes the polvoron doesn't get to the setting part and are wolfed down as soon as molded.....hahaha

...will add more pics later  :))