Monday, May 21, 2012


It was  730 in the morning when I sent off the love of my life to the office after a breakfast of  easy-add water-and-eggs pancakes. I was in a zombie-like mode thus the mix pancake was a no-brainer. After a cup of coffee  and  my early morning shower, I was refreshed and felt more inspired to make my "piggery" something other than the regular pancakes for their breakfast.

Head and Tails Oreo Cookies

Ever since I baked the Chocochip-covered-Oreo Cookies inspired by PICKY PALATE, my kiddos aka "piggery" have been nagging me to make the pancake version for an encore.

Ok so I decided to do it .  Just get your regular Mix pancake box. Follow the directions in the box and make the batter.  Put butter in the pan and pour the batter. Wait for the bubbles to form which is my signal that the other side is almost cooked. Put one oreo cookie head and tails  or double stuff  or whichever you prefer) and fold it like an omelet. Serve hot with butter and maple syrup. Enjoy!!!

Next :

Pancake covered Kit At
Pancake covered Reese's
Pancake covered cheese
Pancake covered bacon
Pancake covered banana and Nutella
the possibilities are endless........<3

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