Monday, May 21, 2012

  The Marriott Cafe Buffet Experience 

19 May 2012. Bring your appetite and be ready to be  pampered. Marriott Cafe promised....and delivered with its bountiful and sumptuous buffet spread and wonderful service from the Chef to the service staff.

Sea Bass
It was my parents-in-law's 50th Wedding Anniversary and to make it special we chose to enjoy a buffet dining experience   in one of  the posh hotels in Metro Manila.  I am so happy that we chose Marriott Cafe this time.

We've already experienced Circle  of  Makati Shangri-La , HEAT of Edsa Shangrila, Escolta of The Peninsula Manila, Season of the Manila Pavilion,  Spiral of Sofitel ( a couple of years back ).
I would put Marriott  Cafe in the top 3 of my favorite Buffet experience.

Here are the reasons :

1.  Per our experience, only Marriott includes Sea Bass in their spread.

2.  Service par excellence

3.   Different types of coffee- macchiatto, latte, cappuccino, americano, etc. and tea included in the buffet

Peking Duck
4.   International spread ( Japanese, Indian, Italian, Chinese, American)

5.   Salmon Sashimi, smoked salmon, steak, peking duck -- our favorite things

6.   Their prawns are sweet, juicy and succulent. Their curacha and crabs are delicious. We asked if we could have them steamed and if they can make us lemon-butter sauce and the Chef complied with a smile and with great alacrity which made us really happy .

7.  My kids love their gelato station especially the ferrero-flavored ice cream.

At P1,550 per head, you get value for your money. We are definitely coming back, if only to experience Marriott Cafe's exceptional service and the delicious Sea Bass again.  It would be doubly great if they include oysters, lobsters, crepe station, more sushi and an expanded cheese selection  too.


  1. Thanks for the reasons and the comparisons!

    1. You are welcome Madel. Thanks for visiting my blog :)