Thursday, June 7, 2012

Home-made Mango-Banana Gelato  
or Fro Yo ( Frozen Yoghurt ) Recipe

I am a fan of Donna Hay. I often watch her in TLC.  I got this recipe while in the treadmill watching her show. This is so simple, delicious  and healthy.  I ate this ice cream without a single twinge of guilt or desire to hop on a treadmill immediately...hahaha.

I guess " you can have your cake and eat it too"  or in this case, it's yummy gelato.

Ingredients :

3 ripe mangoes cubed
3 bananas diced
1 cup Nestle creamy Yoghurt
Honey for added sweetness

1.  Put the cubed mangoes and the diced bananas in a container then freeze  at least for 4 hours.
2. Take out the cubed mangoes and diced bananas and put in the blender with 1 cup plain Nestle Yoghurt or whatever brand of yoghurt you have. Puree till smooth and all ingredients are incorporated. 
3. The sweetness of the mangoes and bananas should give it the natural sweet flavor but if you feel its too bland for your taste, you can add honey to taste.
4.  Freeze in the ref overnight.
5. Serve in a tall wine glass and garnish with mint leaves or cherry on top or simply put a scoop in a sugar cone. Enjoy :)