Monday, October 15, 2012


Pastillas de love them, kids at heart are also crazy-addicted to these sinful treats. They can be lovely desserts or sweet-in-between snacks. The best part is they are quite easy to do. 

Whenever we find ourselves in the mall which is every Sunday, our youngest  child Job more often than not will not let up until his dad buys him his favorite pastillas de leche.  His dad normally buys him a big box with 25 pieces and with the "help" of his sibs , finish it all of in under 2 minutes.. Not surprising, considering how small the pastillas are, rolled  inside   what looks like a bond paper wrapped in white japanese paper.

Last week, Job came up to me and requested me to make him pastillas de leche. So I went and googled the recipe plus checked out You Tube too.  Here's what I found in Panlasang Pinoy. Only 3 ingredients and its the "no cook easy way".

Ingredients :
2 cups Nido or Bear Brand powdered milk sifted
1 can 14 oz Alpine condensed milk
1/2 cup granulated sugar
Method :
1. Just mix them all together
2. The final mix will have a dough-like consistency
3. It is very sticky so I used two teaspoon  to roll the pastillas in the granulated sugar
4. Roll in a pre-cut parchment or bond paper

Pastillas de leche literally means candies with milk and the "lazy" version ( which I adapted from panlasang pinoy)  uses two kinds of milk - condensed and powdered and granulated sugar to roll them in.

A more complicated recipe uses boiled carabao milk before adding the powdered milk.


  1. I would have loved these as a kid too, have to try them, I can see why they disappear quickly! Nettie

    1. Thanks Nettie. Do you also call them Pastillas de leche?

  2. I'm not familiar with these brands, but would love to try to make these. May I use any sifted powdered milk brand? May I use sweetened condensed milk (14 oz can) or evaporated milk (12 oz can) instead of the Alpine Condensed?
    Thank you very much.

    1. Hi bruskik! Yes you can use any brand of powdered milk. The rule of thumb is , it has to be something you and your kids already like in its powdered form. Remember , this is a no-cook recipe. So it helps to choose your/your kids' favorite powdered milk.

      Ditto to the condensed milk too. Whatever brand you have there is ok. I don't know about evaporated milk though. The texture might be a little runny if you use evaporated milk. But would love to know how it turns out for you if and when you try this with evap mlk.

      Hope this helps. Thanks <3